My Cat Is Too Smart

There are thousands of stories about cats and their intelligence. There are fake stories in which the intelligence of cats is greatly exaggerated, and there are real stories. Where is the truth? Of course, the owners of these fluffy treasures will certainly assure you of the undoubted mind of their pets, and how are things […]

My Cat Is Very Sleepy

Cats are one of the species that most need sleep to stay energetic. Your type of dream is different from that of people. More than sleeping, they are considered to be dozing. That is, they enjoy a shallow dream that is interrupted and easily resumed. This happens mainly because of the felines, due to their […]

My Cat Is Too Needy

Although many people consider them apathetic, cats demand attention and many times they will follow you through various parts of the house insisting until they succeed. But what do you want? They are the ones who rule in your home, or at least it is what they believe, and we often make them feel and […]