My cat Isn’t Growing

Many cat owners are faced with a similar problem when time goes on, and their pet does not grow at all, and the kitten does not gain weight. First of all, you need to make sure about the health of the parents, so poor growth can be the result of genetics, if one of the kitten’s parents did not differ in volume and growth, then maybe your kitten inherited it from his parents.

But what if the kitten’s parents are completely healthy, and did not suffer from underweight and height? Therefore, you need to understand the health of the kitten; perhaps it has worms that slow growth and reduces appetite. If you wormed the worms, then you need to pay attention to the behavior of the animal. As he behaves during the day, maybe something hurts him, then he will be less playful, sad and with a bad appetite.

If the kitten is pretty playful and you do not observe any strange deviations in behavior, but it does not eat well, you can fix it. Since the poor appetite of your kitten can negatively affect its growth, therefore, you must buy vitamins and minerals for kittens. Be sure to buy fish oil, and give the kitten for 14 days to 1/3 teaspoon, regardless of food intake. Try to offer him food more often.

The kitten can eat poorly, and accordingly grow due to poor appetite. Perhaps he was born as the weakest, or his colleagues did not give him the opportunity to adequately feed on mother’s milk, so the stomach of the kitten is narrowed and he does not need so much food, and he grows very slowly.

Therefore, take a wet finger in the cat food (milk porridge), which you cook for the kitten and brush his nose. He indeed begins to lick, as running with a milk shampoo on his nose is not very pleasant. He lays on the tongue louse, and after 10 minutes he will wake up the appetite. Therefore, this method must necessarily be used to improve its digestion and desire to eat. If your pet eats baby liquid food, then do everything the same.

Be sure to feed the kitten with a yolk twice a week, as it contains a massive amount of nutrients that contribute to the growth of the kitten. Give him fresh cottage cheese with sour cream, so a calcium deficiency in a young body can slow the growth of bones, so the kitten’s growth will be very weak.

For the kitten to develop normally and grow usually, it needs a full rest, so it is not recommended to awaken a baby because it is known that in a dream there is an intensive growth of the body. Observing such recommendations, you can improve the appetite of a kitten and accelerate its growth and weight.

If such measures do not yield any results, you should contact the veterinary clinic for diagnosis; it is possible that the kitten has a genetic malfunction or digestive disorder, since in this case, the kitten should receive qualified treatment from an experienced specialist.