My Cat Is Afraid Of Me

The behavior of cats, and in particular the fear issue, is often quite complicated, because their symptoms can be confused with many others: aggression, stress, phobias, among others. Therefore, many of you may ask, how to know if my cat is afraid of me? Even if you see your pet with fear, it may not be from you, but from anything, you can not imagine: the storms, the noise of the washing machine, the neighbor’s dog …

You also have to take into account if it is a cat that has just arrived at your new home or if it is your pet, for years. The behavior of cats when you take them to your home for the first time, maybe more fears, and that the first few days hide and want to know little about humans. At that moment, the process of socialization begins, and you will have to go, little by little, earning your trust.

My cat is afraid of me

The clear symptoms that your cat fears you are obvious. He may hide and no matter what you call him, do not come to you, or even when he sees you, he runs away. In the most extreme cases, your cat may tremble from pure fear of seeing you or hearing you and may even, if you approach, but your warning of an imminent attack.

Why is my cat afraid of me?

If your cat of so many years, suddenly flees from you and is afraid of you, stop to think, because something has happened. Although your cat care has been exceptional, you may have taken it or played it with him without realizing it; that you have stepped on him without wanting to or that in an absolutely involuntary way you have left him locked up for two days in a closet.

Suddenly my cat is afraid of me

Remember because maybe the cat has experienced a traumatic situation: a blow, a fall, a run over. Even if you were not the cause, maybe he relates your presence to that moment. Another possibility is that you have scolded or shouted louder than normal and been scared.

As you can see, the subject is not simple, but if it has always been your friend and suddenly your cat is afraid of you, it is simply a matter of showing him; again, that he can trust you.