My Cat Is Eating Grass

If you are one of those who thought that only dogs eat grass, you are wrong; cats do it too. Will it be for the same reasons as the dogs or will there be some different ones? In this article, we will talk about why the pussy-eaters eat grass, a complete unknown that you can not miss.

If you already have a cat and also a garden at home, we are sure that more than once you have surprised your cat by eating grass. And the worst part is that you’ve seen him vomit later. Do cats enjoy vomiting? Why do they do it then?

Reasons why cats eat grass

The fact that cats vomit after eating grass is not a problem according to experts. It is also not proven that eating grass is harmful to your health, but quite the opposite.

Cats do not have the capacity for their organism to generate the enzymes necessary to eliminate the vegetable matter that their body does not need. Therefore, the grass, which makes them vomit, allows all the non-digestible substance to be expelled from their organism.

This is extremely important, because even if your cat is domestic, they always eat prey, whether they are mice, birds or cockroaches, depending on the access they have outside. The kitten can not differentiate which parts of its prey are digestible or not, so they eat them whole, regardless of bones or feathers. These can create digestive obstructions and create health problems.

The action of vomiting caused by eating grass allows all those parts that are not beneficial to your health to be expelled to the outside, leaving your body clean and making the feline feel better.

So, you could say that cats eat grass for the same reason as dogs: to purge.

What effect does the grass have on my cat?

Now, why does the grass cause this in the feline organism? The secret is in the juice of the grass. This contains folic acid, an essential vitamin for your kitten’s body to function correctly. In addition, this substance is also responsible for generating hemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen to the blood.

It is also believed that the herb fulfills the role of natural laxative, avoiding digestive problems. In cats, it is very common for them to get clogged by the known hairballs. Although in most cases vomits, sometimes some of them can enter more into the digestive system and make it seem impossible to expulsion.

Well, the expulsion of these is not impossible, just need a little push, and this can give the grass. We do not know how cats know that this vegetable will facilitate this work, but we do know that they know it,because a cat goes to look for grass and eat it when he feels something unusual is happening in his stomach. In fact, it has been proven that they know how to control themselves by eating only the amount of grass they need and when they need it.

What if I do not have grass at home?

Having seen this, you will have realized how important the grass is in your cat’s life. If you live in an apartment where you can hardly access this vegetable, do not worry, there is a solution for everything.

In the shops specializing in animals, as well as in some veterinary clinics, you can get a type of seed that by throwing them on the ground they will grow the grass in a few days. You will only need a pot that you can have inside as long as it gives natural light.