My Cat Is Too Clingy

Cats nowadays have become the ideal company for man, although they are so involved in their world and it is said that they usually use us for their convenience. They are animals that when you least expect it, they show great affection and gratitude for everything that we offer, in a few words, they are unpredictable.

For people who live with cats the fact that they clingy over time it becomes a normal action, but do they know what their cat tries to communicate by doing this?

If you do not know, we invite you to find out about this fascinating world of cats.


– Love you: This is how they show their affection and tell you that you feel happy at your side. If you pass your hand on some part of his body, he feels honored because your cat has an excellent connection with you and in this way give thanks for everything you do for him, although on the other hand it is his way of marking territory.

Communicate: When your cat rubs his head on an object is releasing pheromones, it is a chemical communication between cats where they send different signals. These pheromones give potential partners information about reproductive abilities.

Information: As already mentioned above, when a cat sobs his head on objects, it is a sign to mark territory, but also, The pheromones that he leaves after rubbing his head share information with other cats about which direction he took, what mood he was in and even his identity.

Attention: They also perform this type of action as a reminder to their owners, either to remember that it is time to feed, that their box where they do their needs to be cleaned or that they want a snack.

Social level: When a cat soba his head in another is indicating his social level, for example, if one cat is bigger than another, it is also a gesture of security, comfort or that are completely comfortable with each other.