My Cat Is Too Hyper

Does not your cat stand still all day? Do you do things that you should not, such as playing with toilet paper or dropping objects on the floor? If so, it’s time to put some order.

We are going to answer the question that you have probably ever asked yourself: what do I do if my cat is hyperactive? Follow our tips to make coexistence more enjoyable for the whole family.

Hyperactive cats are very likely to always be like that since that is their character, their felinity (personality). The only thing that could make them change a bit would be old age because as the years pass, the body wears out and the energy is lost. This is something that, I think, must be kept in mind, and it must be accepted.

Still, daily we can do several things so that our hairy can be active and happy, but without destroying anything. They are the following:

  • Whenever possible, that is, whenever you live in a quiet neighborhood or the countryside, it is highly recommended to teach him to walk with harness and leash to be able to take him out for a walk. In this article, we explain how to do it.
  • Adapt the house to the hyperactive cat by placing shelves wrapped with raffia rope placed at different heights: they will serve to sharpen your nails and, incidentally, to control what happens around you.

  • It is important to teach him not to play with his hands or with his feet. For this, each time you scratch us, we will stop the game immediately. Little by little you will learn that you can not scratch or bite.
  • Talk to the hairy one. Hyperactive cats need to feel safe, and if they are spoken to, they calm down. An excellent time to do it is, for example, before you get ready to eat.
  • Play with him as long as possible, every day. In pet shops we will find plenty of cat toys, so we will only have to choose some of them so that our friend has a great time with us.


With these tips, I’m sure that your furry friend will feel better. Try them and tell us in comm