My Cat Is Too Needy

Although many people consider them apathetic, cats demand attention and many times they will follow you through various parts of the house insisting until they succeed. But what do you want?

They are the ones who rule in your home, or at least it is what they believe, and we often make them feel and therefore want to be present in all of them, even if only to know what is happening and the second ones to retire. But the reputation of onlookers has always had it.

If you have a cat, surely you have realized that he does not “respect” spaces. Even if you got an expensive product, he followed you to the bathroom on some occasions without any reasonable reason. You have seen it that wants to be in this space, so you ask yourself: But Why do you have to be in the bathroom?

For your peace of mind, it is not a completely abnormal behavior, and that only happens to yours, in fact, the cats have the habit of following their owners for several places in the house because as you know, they like to be the center of attention and want you to wear it all. Also remember that they are usually somewhat interested, therefore they may be looking for food or that you consent.

Also, you know that they still have a very active hunting instinct and when they live in an apartment, the most normal thing is that to get out of the routine, they want to do patrols throughout the house as if they were guardians of their territory.

Going around the house also includes accompanying you to the bathroom, and it is not because you feel comfortable with the smells, what happens is that they do not like to explore apart and ignored. They may seem crude, but the truth is that they are more proud than anything else.

On the other hand, we must take into account that cats analyze our behavior very well and they know our routines perfectly how, for example, how much time you can spend in this place, so they will look for those moments that you also have the availability to be with them.