My Cat Is Too Smart

There are thousands of stories about cats and their intelligence. There are fake stories in which the intelligence of cats is greatly exaggerated, and there are real stories.

Where is the truth? Of course, the owners of these fluffy treasures will certainly assure you of the undoubted mind of their pets, and how are things on the smash business? Let’s discuss.

So, there are clear facts, according to which it is clear that cats and cats are smart.

  • Cats are different
  • Cats can surprisingly adapt well to any environment
  • 3Being a cat also means having qualities such as Curiosity, the spirit of observation and the ability to analyze the original data
  • Cats perfectly use the opportunities that are opening before them
  • Cats have a very high IQ

So what do you think? Are cats amazing? There is one more aspect: the more you train your cat, the smarter it becomes. And if you find your cat much more intelligent than average and you feel it’s becoming harder to control the cat you should follow the below steps to take the control:

  1. They are not bags; it’s a whole world for your cat: When you take a bag, try to make too much noise for your cat to listen to it, then tie it in front of him and throw it out to play. My cat is crazy about the bags, has been a week with it; he takes her for a walk in his snout, hides it, then plays again, anyway. Experts say that chewing bags for cats is similar to the effect of wool, but that with hyperactive cats fulfills a double function: it calms and stimulates at the same time.
  2. Hanging toys: One day it occurred to me to tie some wool from the window frame of the terrace and tie some of his toys to the other end (like little mice, noise balls, etc.). If you do, every time your cat passes by, it will stay stuck in one, and you will have at least half an hour of peace at home.

  1. Night game: Hyperactive cats are often overexcited, more when night comes. I recommend you play with your kitten before you go to sleep. The idea is not to tire him out, if he sits in a comfortable and quiet space. The laser is not an option at night, unless, like my cat, he gets bored at 10 minutes.
  2. Forget catnip: Generally, when cats are hyperactive they do not react to catnip for play. After spending kilos and kilos of catnip without meaning, I discovered something very simple and stimulating: blankets with different textures that they love. It is much better than catnip and more economical.
  3. Do not tie your shoelaces at home: How do you think to deprive your cat of so much fun? Because I work for a long time on my desk in the house, the laces have been my salvation at the time of being able to work quietly: I move my foot from side to side, and my kitten runs behind it without stopping.
  4. Threads under the door: To keep from scratching the doors when you go to sleep without it, place ribbons or cut strips of thin fabric under your door. That way he will play with them and forget to meow, since he will have something else to play with.
  5. Talk to your pet: Hyperactive kittens need to feel safe and confident all the time. Talk to your cat and reassure him at some key moments in his routine. A good example is before feeding it.
  6. Buy her a toy and sleep with him: In my case, when the cat was smaller, and I had to leave for a long time, I left him a blanket with which I slept before leaving. In this way, he feels accompanied. Even when he arrived, he was still there with his blanket from side to side.
  7. Teach him that your hands are not a toy: Most hyperactive cats have a little obsession with their hands. I see it with mine, because I only move them and their pupils dilate. Faced with this you have to be patient, teach him that your hands are not toys and do not play rough with him, because there he thinks just the opposite and the scratches come! If you do not leave your hands in peace, try holding them in front of him (not violently). When not seeing fingers, they calm down a little.

  1. And if everything fails: a little brother Sometimes an overactive kitten just needs the company of an equal. Many times they recommend that if you can not control it, get a little brother so he can spend his energy on it.