My Cat Is Very Sleepy

Cats are one of the species that most need sleep to stay energetic. Your type of dream is different from that of people. More than sleeping, they are considered to be dozing. That is, they enjoy a shallow dream that is interrupted and easily resumed.

This happens mainly because of the felines, due to their instinct, need to be alert and be able to wake up to the minimum noise to detect their prey, flee from their predators, or hunt. In addition, cats can fall asleep at any time and place, and it is unusual for them to always do so in one place.

Another cause of this behavior is because of cats, is that cats sleep a lot. Unlike dogs, they do not need to go for a walk every day, and that increases their sedentary attitude and the need to spend 70% of the day dozing, which is equivalent to an average of 12 to 15 hours of sleep in an adult cat (from 1 to 7 years). When they are puppies (up to 5 weeks), the sleep time is around 20 hours per day and, as they get older, sleep hours also increase. So it’s normal for a cat to sleep a lot.

If you want to ensure that your cat’s rest will be optimal for you to enjoy 100% energy every day, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

  • Do not limit your dream space to only one place. Offer her the possibility to choose between several places in the house, because this way she will be capable of determining the level of intimacy that she wants at each moment. Of course, its sybaritic character makes it usually choose comfortable areas, hot in winter and cold in summer. And if those areas give off your smell, you will still feel happier.
  • Make sure your cat can have access to a high, safe place where he can rest. You can place baskets in them, or specialized elevated surfaces for felines.
  • Locate your scraper near your rest area, since the fact of dozing forces them to scratch, and stretch constantly.