My Cat Isn’t Purring

The purring of the cats is just one more form of expression of the many with which the feline communicates and manifests his state of mind. It’s a pleasure to hear you purr because it almost always indicates that our pet feels safe and is calm and happy, but if it does not, it does not have to mean something wrong or be a sign that it does not want to be with you. Does not your cat purr and fear something terrible will happen to him?

My cat does not know how to purr?

Cats change their behavior in the different phases of their lives. A puppy is not the same as a cat of 12 years. These changes can also affect the purr. There are stages in which they seem authentic “engines” and others in which they remain quieter. It is of no importance unless the absence of purring is accompanied by other symptoms that indicate that something is happening to him: he does not want to eat, he does not play, hides more than usual and has difficulty breathing …

If this issue make you worried, first check if it really does not purr, because some pussycat do it extremely low and you can only notice it by bringing your ear close to the chest and throat area.

Also, note if your cat is still sitting on your knees and “kneading” with your feet your feet or your belly. If he does, but you do not hear him purr, he is simply showing you his affection in another way.

Finally, we must remember that our cats each have their own character and perhaps yours, simply, has left little prone to purring. Some when they are young do not stop and, on the other hand, when they are older they stop doing it. Others, on the contrary, had never purred and of old people feel more cuddly and begin to purr. There is no explanation that justifies it the causes are only known to them.